Alignment Can Mean Many Things

By: Family and Sport Chiropractic

But no matter what you apply the concept of alignment to, it holds an important lesson to help you get out of some of your worst troubles, stresses and decisions.  With your health and otherwise.

How so?

Alignment refers to the proper organization of parts.  Meaning, that they are lined up or aligned in a way that works.  Either a way that works well – works best – or just plain works to get you where you want to go.   

How do you know when you are out of alignment?  Well, it could be a feeling.  You might get where you are going.  But the parts – like imbalanced tires on car – took more stress and wear and tear than you would have liked.  

The journey was harder, more full of whines and creaking and groaning than you’d hoped – that’s a pretty good sign you are struggling with alignment issues.  

Or sometimes it is less obvious – either physically, emotionally, or intellectually.  You may not find out until it is too late.  The interesting part is that alignment as a concept works across all areas.  

Your physical body is out of alignment?  The consequences are simple but widespread.  Increased (and faster) breakdown.  Decreased efficiency.  

The saying goes “structure equals function.”  If so, then decreasing structure leads to decreasing function.  But not only that, decreasing structure leads to more quickly decreasing structure, too, and therefore more quickly decreasing function.

And the same idea happens in the rest of your life.  Not sure if you are in alignment with how you live? The final interesting part is that being in alignment with your lifestyle – ie, your life – is also supremely related to how smoothly your life runs.

Want to be fit, have a healthy metabolism and be near your ideal weight?  And also want to eat an ice cream Sunday after dinner three nights a week?  It’s certainly possible  – but you would need to have everything else around those goals aligned very carefully to make it happen.  

A balance that would be very easy to upset.  Want to be resilient and strong and healthy but also spending 8-12 hours per day at work and at play on electronics?  

The same idea applies – you can do it, but not without being smart and strategic with exactly what and how you are doing everything else – ie, these days, if you don’t have an alignment expert on your side, the odds are stacked against you.